How to remote TAP TEMPO

I’m not able to find a way to remote TAP TEMPO in C7.

I would like to tap tempo from external midi foot switch - note on or CC or any other midi command…

This suppose to be doable as one can do remote tap tempo by means of Steinberg CMC TP controller or with iPad Cubace IC Pro (if its midi in both cases - I don’t know)… but I can not find any solution to do it with external midi pedal.

I need it for simply looping / jamming with guitar…

Any thoughts would be welcomed!


Stopwatch. Tap for 15 seconds. Times beats by four. Write down tempo.

You need a device, which has a tap tempo switch and sends midi time code. I have some lain around like a strymon timeline (delay effect), a mpk88 (masterkeyboard), a pod HD (guitar amp sim / multifx). Select such a device as extermal master for midi timecode in (menu)transport -> project syncronization. Then you have to activate external sync by pressing ‘t’ and you are ready to go.

Midi Timnecode doesn´t transmit tempo information though, only absolute time info.

Uuups. You’re right. I do it always the other way around with MIDI clock (just another beast) and assumed it works this way too. It won’t work.

Strange… This seems to be quite basic functionality of DAW… Anyway, does anyone know how this task is done by CMC TP module? There is tap button, and looking at youtube reviews it works. CMC is not for me thou, as I need to do this with foot controller. Its so easy and straightforward in Ableton Live - just start midi learn, select TAP, press midi button - done. Why in Cubase the TAP menu is that hidden and not remotable?

Because it’s not rocket science to work it out when you get used to logging it in your head which can be used anywhere where Cubase isn’t. Like on the train or watching TV when you get that idea. I do the 15 second thing all the time as tempo can be quite crucial to remembering a song the next day and you play what you composed at the wrong tempo. There’s some things I can forgive Cubase for not doing.
:mrgreen: Sometimes I do get the impression that there’s not enough wrong with Cubase…

Sorry, but you missed the point. I would like to tap it with foot controller. I’m not asking how to count tempo… anyway thanks for response.

Record 2 bars full of quarter notes. Use timewarp tool to place it on 2 bars. That’s likely very close to the tempo you want.

My guess is that you can’t do this … :cry:
You can write tempo maps from tapping MIDI-tracks and all sort of fancy stuff but no real time remote controlling of the tempo from a MIDI foot controller, or any MIDI controller.
If I know me right, and sometimes I do, I would have tried it already.
I know there used to be something like this in the Atari(!) version.
The Atari version was a master piece in programming but real time tempo was not it’s forte to put it mildly :laughing:

Maybe it’s harder to do than it seems?
If you manually change the tempo while Cubase is playing back a project you see it’s no smooth ride!
having someone constantly tapping in tempi with his little foot … nonono :mrgreen:

Maybe C8? :wink:

see CMC TP Tap Tempo at 4:07:

But I guess its not done via midi/sysex but with some proprietary Steinberg software… but anyway looks that it works.

Probably best to take the old general mechanical metronome settings “Largo, Andante, etc” and work out which of those is the ball park. You probably work at the basic five of slow, bit faster, 120bpm, bit faster and fast. Probably quicker than faffing about with a footswitch and a more reliably musical result.
Anyway, if you’re recording guitar then likely after the first pass or one take, hopefully, Cubase can work out the tempo from the hitpoints and give data for more musical variations in the tempo track for when you add any midi parts later.

Yeah, should be able to connect to MIDI if mr. Steinberg wants to …

Thank you all for ideas. The answer is still unfortunately the same: use ascetic 50euro Ableton… ouch. Quite awkward that Steinberg is not interested in live or loopers use. That’s so easy and fun to make sketches of compositions in Ableton Live with just few foot buttons of remote controller w/o touching mouse. I have bought Live few weeks ago and was able to setup looping environment in few minutes w/o any experience with this application. Anyway I would prefer to be able to play with Cubase.