How to remove a remote controller in MIDI remote for Cubase 12

Ive been playing around with the remote controller options in Cubase 12 pro. I added one, but it is for a different version of my MIDI controller (mine is Arturia Keylab 61, there is only a template for Keylab essential). So I want to delete it. How on earth can this be done ?? I cant see anyway to remove it.

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See Remove a midi controller - #5 by Jochen_Trappe

That removes the script file, not the instance of the controller. This is insane, I now have a midi controller that isnt setup correctly (Its completely the wrong one) I cant use it, the controls are all mapped incorrectly meaning I cant use my controller in this project and there is no way to delete it !

Just created a brand new project, and the midi remote that I setup in my previous project has been imported into this project ! How the hell can I get rid of it ? I can no longer use my midi keyboard in any projects, this is a showstopper, can anyone help ?

I managed to figure that out eventually, this feature is not implemented very well :triumph: :triumph:


Yes, it is stupid! You can’t delte this Controllers and not change their midi-connections. So it is completely blocked for other controllers. It is not possible to let in unconnected or deactivate their assigned connections. Absolutely wrong thing