How to remove a Tempo Map, yet maintain MIDI Note positions.

I’ve tried searching through and didn’t find anything pertaining to this as most posts are about using a tempo map :slight_smile:.

I’m doing drum programming for a client that provides me a stereo mix down of the track minus any scratch drums. The style is very organic and even though they track to a click, there’s some push / pull in the music. They want the MIDI file as they want to mix / pick the samples to use on their end. So I made and used a Tempo Map to adjust for this, but after trying it, the client wants to maintain a fixed tempo and would rather I just nudge the midi in the parts.

Hence my question, is there a way to remove the tempo map without moving the MIDI parts? The only method I could think of was to go back with the warp tool, set it so that events don’t follow, and manually delete all of the warp markers. This didn’t seem to work as all of the midi still maintained perfect grid relationship when some of them should have shifted off of the grid. Anybody have any experience with this as using a tempo map to create the drum parts is pretty much a necessity for this stuff, so if there’s a way to lock the performance down to their actual locations regardless of the grid (i.e. putting the grid back to a fixed tempo) would be most handy :slight_smile:.

If I am understanding you correctly, all you have to do is switch the tracks to “Linear Timebase” (as opposed to Musical Timebase), before deleting the tempo events.

ahhh, why didn’t I think of that…I’ll give that a shot. thank you very much :slight_smile:

Yup that worked, but one caveat to keep in mind. I like to segment my midi into 8 bar clips for easy copy n pasting of phrases. When going into linear mode, because of all the clips, the starts and ends of the clips would cause some weirdness with notes not triggering right, or being moved in an abnormal way (I think some were nudged beyond the clip boundary so they got muted). So the solution was to just glue all of the clips on the midi track together, and then extend the beginning and end so there were no midi notes near. Doing this and everything turned out fine using linear mode :slight_smile:. So thanks again!!