How to remove a tied note one stroke tremolo?

Hello! Does anyone know how to remove a one stroke tremolo from a tied eights note? I need a two stroke tremolo only on the first half note. But when I tie the chords it automatically ads a one stroke tremolo to the last chord. I include a screenshot. Thanks!
tied note.png

If you make the voices different then you can change the style of note on one and not the other.

Might require some fiddling with stem direction and rest removal.

I’m not at my computer to check, but I think the way I solved it was: use the scissors-looking tool to remove the tie; remove the articulation from the second note; and then put the tie back in.

I’ll check it tomorrow, and if I got it wrong, I’ll re-post. However, I know I was able to solve it; it’s such a standard percussion notation that I remember dealing with it successfully.

Thanks, everybody! Lew, scissors worked! Thanks again!

Actually it did not. I just noticed it removed the two stroke tremolo from the first chord as well. Bummer. I’ll try the new voice trick.

Found a solution. Go to Engrave mode, select the second chord, at the buttom window select Single stem tremolo and select None. Easy! Thanks again, guys!