How to Remove a Timecode "Staff"

Is there a way to remove a timecode staff from a layout without clicking Reset To Factory?
I worry that I may be resetting more than just the timecode displaywhen I do that.

As long as
Markers > Vertical position is set to either Above system or Below system and
Timecode > Show timecode is set to Below timecode staff you shouldn’t see a Timecode Staff or any floating Timecode.

The section you’ve highlighted as “inaccessible” only applies if
Show timecode: is set to Below timecode staff.


You are amazing. Thank you.

Another question:

I have a piece with 8 flows, of 8 sections of the piece. Some of them will be synchronised with vid and I will add a timecode staff + markers for it.
In some of the sections, the timecode and the staff would just confuse.

Right now my plan is to have two different layouts (with and without). Is there a smoother way to do it? When I need to print it in the end, is there a more fluent way than printing everything necessary from both lay outs and then making it all into one file?

Or maybe there is another way to create timecode just as needed?

Just piano and voice (and video), so not too much of a hassle, but seems weird. Haven’t printed much from Dorico before, so maybe I’m missing something.

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I’m afraid there’s no way at present to show the timecode in only some flows within a layout: it’s “all or nothing” for a whole layout. Your idea of using two separate layouts is probably the best, if not entirely satisfactory, approach for the time being.

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