How to remove chord Symbols from Drum Part in “Ma Rainy” /”First Steps”?

[Project attached]
(Note: I have checked other forum answers to this question but nothing worked)
I am preparing to input the drum part in the “Ma Rainy” example. I am working on the individual drum set part layout, as specified in the tutorial. I have successfully used the Layout Options to create individual, “non-consolidated” rests. However, the Tutorial example shows no chord symbols above the drum part, while my project appears to default to light green chord symbols above the single player part. Per other forum answers, I right-clicked the drum “player” and tried various combinations of “Chord symbol” options. Nothing worked…How do I remove the chord symbols so I can match the Tutorial? May I request a step-by-step “recipe” please
First Steps Blues Song - Ma Rainey See See Rider - start point project.dorico (1.0 MB)

Those green things aren’t chord symbols, those are chord symbol signposts. Go to View / Signposts and uncheck Chord Symbols if you don’t want to see them.