How to remove empty space at end of audio file

Depending on the audio file, I’ve had four minutes of unused space at the end, sometimes even as much as 22 minutes of wasted space. Is there a way to collapse or remove it? Why is all that empty space being generated anyway? What’s its purpose?

“Zoom” in on audio file read the manual

regards S-EH

It’s “pretty easy”. Highlight the unused space and push the “delete” button.

Yes, but you can also press the Backspace key. In this case, the file’s length remains the same, and the end of the file becomes silent due to the audio samples being zeroed out.

If you look closely in the bottom right corner, you can see that the file length is 11min 3sec 531ms.

The vertical dotted line shows where it ends.

I think you are just zoomed out very far and seeing “space” that doesn’t actually exist on the file itself.


Yes, I know. The issue is - how do I remove that space after ‘End of file’ since it cannot be highlighted, backspaced or selected like others have stated?

Also, that lengthy space after ‘End of file’ is unusual because it’s not something I’ve ever seen in audio editors. How come it exists in Wavelab?

You can’t. This exists for several reasons. Like if you need e.g., to paste something 1 second beyond the end of the file. Or if you have a very short file, like one millisecond, that will not fit in the full width of the window.
But there is a clear mark that specifies this end.

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Ok. Thanks.