How to remove expired Pro demo?

My demo of the Pro version has expired. As I never got it to work I’m afraid I will not be buying a licence. However now every time I start Cubase I get an error message telling me I don’t have a valid licence. The Pro option no longer appears in the VST Cloud menu but I can find no way to remove the plugin completely. I tried removing the expired licence from the elicenser to no effect.

How do I prevent the error messages?

do you have the vst pro plugin in any of your projects ?

… and can you please give us the information which Operating system you are running? Then we can give you the details to fully remove VST Connect.
… and if you still want to give the product a chance, I can give you new trial. Please contact me (m.spork (at)

See you

Hi Michael,
I am using Win 10 Pro 64 bit version 1909 build 18363.778
I will email you. Thanks. Appreciated.