How to remove expired trial VST License

Im trying to get rid of the expired trial license, I can t find anyway of doing this, see screen shot, any ideas Guys?
This is on my Cubase Pro 8 iMac El-capitan. :blush:

I don’t believe this is possible – a minor annoyance that we will have to live with.

Expired trials can’t be removed from Soft-eLicensers. They are automatically removed if they were stored on an USB-eLicenser.

Thats the pits, every time I boot Cubase I get the message, I only wanted to try before I buy, so the lesson learnt is don’t try anything on a trial license, i suppose its a selling aid, the company bores you until you buy the full license. Nice one Steinberg, or it it a Yamaha ploy.

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