How to remove factory macros?

There are 5 factory macros in Cubase 12:

  1. Duplicate Selected Tracks without Data
  2. Export Audio Mixdown Whole Song
  3. Move Selection to New TrackVersion
  4. Selected Tracks to new Folder and Add Group Channel
  5. Zoom to Project

I remove them, and then I save the key commands.

If I quit and restart Cubase 12, the factory macros are visible again. How can I remove them permanently?

… even after having reimported the key commands saved ? And what about your custom ones ?

Seems strange to me, but maybe the macros are managed in a different way : I don’t know, as I never felt the need to get rid of the factory macros : I think they could/will be useful, one day or another, wouldn’t it be just as templates that could be modified for our own needs…

Reimporting the key commands doesn’t fix the issue.

I use around 50 macros. . There is no problem with any of the macros that I have configured.

AFAICS, macros are also saved in the Key Commands.xml file, as a part of the preferences ones. Both the factory and the custom ones appear under the same <list name="Macros" type="list"> key.

From which, maybe by deleting the lines used for the default macros in this file could allow you to get rid of them, but this, as your own risk. If tempted, I strongly invite you to do a safe backup of the already existing Key Commands.xml file, before proceeding, just in case, and after being sure that Cubase isn’t running in the background.

Overall and again, I wouldn’t bother further… :neutral_face:

Editing the xml file doesn’t work.

When Cubase starts, Cubase overwrites the xml file again adding the factory macros again.

Then, I’m afraid that it’s not doable. But maybe I’m wrong, and someone could/will chime in and bring other suggestion(s). Sorry… :neutral_face: