How to remove groove agent output tracks?

Hello dear Cubase users and Steinberg staff.
I would like to know how to remove Groove agent’s output bus once you are not using them (?)
I am very obcessive about having a tidy mixer ( I am sure its a normal trait )
Imagine you output a snare from Groove agent to “out 2” a new track shows up in mixconsole called “snare” you later decide you can send the snare back to Groove agente mix , or even want a new snare so you dont need the “out 2” anymore. Then in the mixconsole a empty track remains , called snare but with no signal or usable quality. I found no way to remove it besides removing Groove agent all together and opening a new instrument to replace it.
IS there another way to solve this issue without having to remove the instrument alltogether?
Thank you so much for all the help! best regards , stay healthy and safe!
May Cubase last forever!

I’m having this issue as well.

Any solution much appreciated.

Go to the VSTi rack on the right and click the small outpost activation button on the top right. Then deflect the channel from there.

Thank you so much! Found it!I did try that window before but my crappy eyes failed hehe.
thank you for this really helps! best of grooves for you! stay safe and healthy!

Thank you for

So I just had this problem!
I solved by going to the right panel where the vsti 's are listed"Groove Agent" or “Halion”
in the groove agent/Halion plate… click on the preset name as you would if it were in the channel strip and a list of vst’s will show select “no Vst”
and it will be removed