How to remove hidden time signature?


I am trying to recreate a previously published piecesin Dorico for a small publishing company that I have worked with for over 17 years. I cannot readily put my hands on the original Finale files to export as XML, which is Ok, because I can practice from scratch putting in the music. While looking down at the music and entering it, I accidentally skipped 2 bars. Didn’t see this till 15 minutes later. I had already entered a double bar where I thought one would go. After catching the mistake I added the missing music very easily with INSERT MODE (this saves a ton of work by the way!!!), however, when I realized the double bar was wrong, I tried to delete it (which meant opening up the bars menu on the right hand side, selecting the incorrect double bar, then selecting the regular bar line). Now it throws up a signpost for a hidden time signature. The time signature didn’t change, and I don’t want the hidden time signature there. How do get rid of this? I know it means nothing, but I don’t want it there.

A side note:

When I tried adding the bars back in, I selected on the last NOTE of the last bar, typed SHIFT (+) B, and the bar popover appeared, I typed in +7 and hit enter. It moved the last note to the last measure (I understand the logic here), but it did not create a FINAL bar line. And it would not let me create a final bar line. I think it had to do with the issue above. But now I am having issues recreating the problem.


Re: the hidden time signature, assuming the relevant signposts are set to show (so there’s a red signpost above the system with a time signature on it) just click on the red signpost and then use ether the delete or backspace key on your keyboard.

On realising you’d skipped a couple of bars it may have been quicker to use the shift-B popover to create an extra two blank bars where you needed them, assuming there wasn’t correctly-entered music in other instruments/players. This way your double barline would’ve stayed with the right music when the music shuffled along.


Thanks for the advice, luckily this was a solo so inserting 2 bars probably would have been easier… However, back to the main issue, I cannot delete the hidden time signature. When I delete the signpost, it goes away for a about 1 second (maybe slightly less) and then returns.


Ahhhh!!! For some odd reason, I had to select the single (regular) bar line before the hidden time signature, and press delete there. Deleting the sign post alone would do nothing.

It is now fixed! Thanks for your advice Pianoleo!!1