How to remove latency, delay???

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I have Cubase elements 9.5 and the m-audio oxygen 49 mk4. I do not have a audio interface and I am using voicemeeter. How can I remove the delay when I press a note on the controller to when I comes out in Cubase?? Do I need an audio interface ,if so what is the best for a small budget that has no latency when monitoring?

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There is no such thing as No latency when it comes to vst instruments.
A dedicated low latency asio compatible audio interface is necessary, if you want a playable solution.
Audio recording using direct monitoring is easier, most audio interfaces support direct monitoring (sending the input directly to the output without having to go to the computer first)

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What Peakae says is true, better to have a dedicated audio interface, but in the meantime you could use the ASIO4ALL driver which is freely available which will give you the low latency you require.

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Back in the old days my audio interface was the internal sound card of my laptop and I was using ASIO4All. This combination worked well.

+1 ASIO4ALL driver is the answer here!!

So would it be best if i bought an audio interface?
If so what are some good cheap ones??
I’ll try asio4all in the meantime


Hi there Tom

There are many on the market, Steinberg’s u22 is a good entry level interface, Focusrite have good ones also, these are the ones that immediately come to mind but there are plenty out there. You could check what’s available to you and come back and ask for recommendations here.

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i live in the uk so something under 50 pounds would be good.
is this any good?
Behringer U-Phoria UM2 USB Audio Interface
Behringer U-Phoria UMC22 USB audio interface


I’m not familiar with either of these interfaces but the first question I’d ask is “Is there a dedicated ASIO driver?”.

A quick Google suggests that though there used to be it doesn’t seem to be around anymore and users are being advised to use the generic ASIO4ALL driver. This may work fine but generally you get lower latencies with drivers written specifically for a device so I’d be a little wary. I’m not saying it won’t work, I’m sure it will, it’s just since you’re specifically after low latency this is something to consider. Under £50 is quite an ask I’d say, mainly as most (all?) of these devices also include microphone amps which you don’t actually need but which obviously adds to the cost.

If there are any Behringer user Forums you might want to ask there if there are people getting good latencies with these interfaces…or maybe someone else here will have some experience (but they’re not interfaces I’ve ever seen mentioned on here).

Finally what is your current latency? Acceptable latency varies from player to player.

I am now using asio4all and i get about 4ms input and 7 output

I think you’re unlikely to better that with any cheap audio device (and indeed many expensive ones!)…I play MIDI devices with higher latencies than that on my system without any problems but I know it is a personal thing.

If you’re actually getting a bigger delay than that quoted above when playing then it’s probably something other than the sound-card’s latency.

This is not uncommon with MIDI setups on some systems and indeed with VST instruments and certain plugins but in general non-latency related delays can be reduced.

hi Tom
who will always have latency with a computer…
the only thing you can do is having thunderbolt or pcie soundcard as RME.
maybe real USB 3 or USB 3.2 sound interface asio compatible
and making work the os and cubase in two different ssd harddisk
mac or windows will be the same
minimum a quadcore and 8 go memory.
with this configuration a think you can make working KONTAKT at 64 samples
1.3 milliseconds at 44.1 khz.
you can work at 96 khz and you will go under 1 millisecond at 64 samples.
now computer are powerfull.
best regards phil

I have a Behringer U-Phoria UMC22 USB audio interface and it’s been serving me well for 3 years now. I read it’s one of the best low budget interfaces for low latency. I’m no expert though. I’m a new user of Cubase and discovered latency problems while playing my first chord progression. In Reason I have it all sorted but the options seem different in Cubase. Much to learn.