How to remove multiple ties without clicking one by one with cut tool

I am tryint to remove several ties in my score but the only thing I can find in the manual is to use the cut tool. This works but I have to click on each one. Is there an easier way?

Not sure this does exactly what you want , but try Score Settings > Staff > Main and check the “No Overlap” box in the Interpretation Options section.

The notes are not overlapping, this is not the same thing. I cut these notes using the knife tool because they were half notes just like the right hand chord in the treble clef but I wanted 8th notes in the bass. When i use the knife tool to cut the half notes into 8th notes the score editor automatically ties the notes but this is not what I want. I want independent 8th notes to create an 8th note pattern in the bass

In the score editor, as far as I know, the tied notes can only be separated individually with the scissors tool.
I would do the splitting in the key editor: Hold down the ALT key and click on the note with the scissors tool, set the grid to eighth notes in this case.