How to remove nasty brown noise from segment of an audio


I have an audio of child narration that for the first 20 seconds there is pretty loud brown noise. I remove frequencies above 10K and below 375Hz and use noise reduction utilizing selection brush, but the noise is still there. What is the best way to remove the noise from my audio?

In the image, right after the cursor the noise is gone!

Any help would be greatly appreciated.


SpectraLayers may not be the right tool for that particular task. Sounds like you might need to use a different technique altogether. Perhaps something like RX7 Dialogue Isolate, for example.

Thank you. That is exactly what I need!

That is a great feature for the next release! SpectraLayer team have access to Cubendo team where they have all kinds of tools & C++ API for DSP to help make that happened.

Where can we put feature requests for SpectraLayers?

By a private message to Robin Lobel, the developer, and the moderator of this forum?

There are many types of noise that can plague an audio track, but hiss is probably the most commonly encountered in videography and filmmaking UPSers. Here we’ll discuss some things you can do to avoid getting hiss in your audio, and one way to mitigate it after-the-fact.