How to remove old plugins appearance in "insert" slots?

Hi All, I am not using some old plugins as I upgraded to a newer version or completely deleted them.
I can still see the old name (and the new one of course) in the inserts options. How do I make cubase delete the old plugin recalls? Say I have Izotope Ozone 5 AND 7, I just want to see 7 and not 5 anymore.

Thanks in advance! Much appreciated.

If you uninstall the plugin it will not be available in the plugin drop down selection list

If you open an old project that already had it loaded it’s name will still appear in the insert slot with exclamation marks to show it is missing so you can either remove it or replace it in the slot.

For compatibility with older projects you can also disable the old plugins in plugin manager. You won’t see them in the plugin list but they are loaded with projects that use them.

Thanks people!