How to remove recent Dorico files from Mac OSX's Dock?

When I Control-click the Dorico icon on Mac OSX’s (High Sierra) Dock, the Dock shows a list of recently opened Dorico files. Unfortunately, this list doesn’t seem to be updated properly whenever I permanently delete a file (by moving the file to Trash and then emptying trash).

How do I wipe this list clean? I tried a number of things, such as clearing the Recent Files list in Dorico itself and then removing the Dorico icon from the Dock. But these don’t work. The recent files shown in the Dock are probably (?) stored in some .plist file or other; but I can’t find that particular file.

This isn’t something that Dorico itself directly controls: macOS handles this on its own. I’ve not found any definitive Apple-approved documentation on this topic, but I think you can clear the menu by deleting the file com.steinberg.dorico35.sfl2 in /Users/Library/your username/Application Support/ Do this at your own risk!

Thanks Daniel. It works!