How to remove the e-licenser completely (manually)

Not having luck with updating to the latest version (, after uninstalling the last version I had ( and reinstalling the older version that Steinberg suggests to install if having issues ( it keeps telling me the newer version is still installed ( which it’s not as I’ve removed it, so I presume I have to dig deep for it but not sure what to do, don’t want to be touching random things in registry if that’s what I need to do. I’ve also done all the maintenance updates and database update and licence recovery prior to uninstalling.
I hope that makes sense, I had to edit as I realised I wasn’t clear sorry.

A list of instructions to completely clear it are here:-

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I have done that this morning and reinstalled the latest licenser version and it shows the latest version number has updated to ( however when I try to activate Cubase Trial it says that the current licenser version is too old.

This error message appears if you enter a download code in the eLCC instead of the activation code. The download code must be entered in the Steinberg Download Assistant.


Yes! It was indeed this, I wondered why the code was shorter. Many thanks.

Wow that’s a shocking error message to throw at first time users. You’d think returning a message that the code was invalid is Childs play.

Glad it’s sorted anyway.

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:slight_smile: tell me about it, why make it simple when you can complicate things hehe but while that is true I have no one to blame but myself because looking at the e-mail again after the solution was posted it clearly said to launch download assistant and I just rushed instead and copied the code, (embarrassed)