how to remove the instrument number which are automatically produced

In the following screenshot, you see the number after the bass drum and the snare drum.
How can I delete these number?
Screenshot 2019-01-15 18.04.05.png

I resolved this problem by inserting a white space before the first character of the instrument name.

I do not know the reason, but I imported five musicXml files from Finale, and I created and removed instruments several times. Could it cause a problem?

If the same instrument appears more than once in the Players panel, Dorico will automatically number them. If you import multiple MusicXML files into the same Dorico project, Dorico might create the same instrument twice. In that instance, it’s best to copy all the music from Gran Cassa 2 to Gran Cassa 1 and then delete Gran Cassa 2.

Is it possible to remove the number “1” in the “Gran Cassa 1”?

Do you have any other Grancassa instruments showing in the Players panel?

If so, your choices are
a. Consolidate them down to one Grancassa - the number should automatically disappear
b. Use the workaround of adding an empty space
c. Decide that, for reasons of clarity, Dorico is actually right to number these.

If not, you’ve been meddling with the “Edit Instrument Names” panel already, and the chances are you’ve renamed a Grancassa (or even a Gran Cassa) “Grancassa 1” and saved as default for the instrument. If that’s the case, right-click Grancassa 1, click Edit Names (or Edi Instrument Names), rename it without the number and Save As Default for the instrument.

In the “Players” panel, there is only one “Gran cassa” and only one “Tamburo militare”.

In “Edit Instrument Names”, there is no number after the name.

I also saved the name of the instrument through “Save As”.

I have confirmed that this occurs by importing xml as you mentioned. However, resolving the problem is hard.

Strangely this problem is resolved by creating a new flow.