How to remove the slider in the controller lanes within the Key editor window?

Hello Everyone! I come to you because, alas, I cannot solve this riddle from someone as vile as the riddler.

There is this one slider, as shown in the picture above, and I cannot find anywhere how to remove it. The problem really resides in the fact that this particular slider is really glitchy when I draw or rectify some points in this controller lanes which is really a bit of an annoyance but the worst part about this devilish thing is that other than annoying me it serves absolutely no purpose. I cannot find anyway to zoom in in this lane other than using the three dots above the gray line in the middle, which works great, but the slider always stay at the same size no matter how big I make this lane.

So is there a way to remove it? Or make it functional? Or is it just a half-baked feature that I cannot do nothing about?

I’d be really grateful if someone had an answer to share.

What I did:
Add the CC11 lane, then remove the Velocity lane. (And a bit of hit and miss trials … )
The slider is not really removed, but I guess it won’t bother you anymore.

Thanks for the answer but I don’t think this is it.

I noticed too that the slider disappears if the lane is small enough but I usually tend to enlarge it to be able to more accurately draw and rectify the mistakes I make when recording expression or modulation CC.
I believe that if you enlarge your expression lane it will come back like magic, I could be wrong though, let me know !