How to remove this toolbar please ?

Hello !
Does anybody know how i can remove this toolbar please ?
thanks a lot ! :slight_smile:

If you look at your screenshot, top left corner, JUST under the word “Project” in “Project Cubase 6 - Sans Titre1” , you will see a tab with three squarish rectangles. Click that and you should have options to show/hide certain info lines. Un-checking it should do the trick. Im not sure if that line can be hide though, as I have all of mine shown. I like to see as much info as I can. Hope this helps.

2nd icon from the left, in the Extended toolbar. When the pop-up opens, uncheck “Status Line”.

Edit: Just seen SirJoseph’s post. Yes, that’s the one. Uncheck “Status Line”.

For extra credits :wink: you can also use Shift + F2 to get to the checkboxes to turn that particular toolbar off/on.