How to remove tuplets?

Despite searching the forum, I’m unable to figure out what to do to convert the selected tuplet back into plain quavers.
Any help appreciated.

Just figured it out! The 3 is selectable, so select it, and hit Delete.
Simple when you know how.
But I think the tuplet should go away also if the notes are selected (as above), and then this option is deselected. Wouldn’t that make sense?

You can select just the 3 and delete that.

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When you click the 3 the whole thing is deleted. If you select the three notes and then deselect the tuplet button, where does the third quaver go?

Sorry, I think I know what you mean

Not here it doesn’t. When deleting triplets you lose the last note.

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Thanks. Right, deleting the 3 seems to do the trick.
Still, I don’t understand the logic: Why does deselecting the tuplet in the toolbar (as in the 2nd screenshot) not do the same as deleting the 3?

@DanielMuzMurray Ah, so you’re saying (IIUC) that deselecting the Tuplet button doesn’t work because Dorico won’t know what to do with the 3rd tuplet quaver?
Well, wouldn’t it make sense, if I’m in Insert mode, that it would just be added as an extra quaver?

That is indeed what happens, but remember all subsequent notes will be shifted in time, which can be quite alarming!

Hmm, that’s not what happens for me. Instead, I get an embedded tuplet:
Step 1:

Step 2 (Deselecting the tuplet):

The left panel does not remove the triplet. It adds another one. I suspect this is different from other panel operations because you can (as you have discovered) have many nested tuplets.

Delete tuplets by selecting the number and deleting that.