How to remove VST instruments

How do I remove VST instruments from the track/rack list from the righthand side of the the project window? Somehow I ended up with multiple copies of Halion SE and now I can’t get rid of them. It’s easy to add instruments, but when they are there they are stuck for good it seems.

Yep. Seems like an oversight.

Click on HALion SE, on the top you can select “No VST Instrument”. If it’s an Instrument Track, you can also remove the track itself.

The 1st part doesn’t work for me.

With the Instrument Rack on the screen (F11), I click the Halion SE instrument to select it, then click on Rack then click No VST Instrument.

The Halion SE instrument is still there. Tried refreshing the rack, toggling F11, it’s still there.

You must click on HALion Sonic SE (or whatever plugin), not on Rack or Track, that’s only for adding a plugin.


Good. First time in twenty years anything I asked about my music programs on the internet ever got solved.

What you didn’t say was LEFT-CLICK on the title.
Don’t right-click like I did, for weeks on end.

Just read this - that’s such a pain - but now I see how to do it - I can rid self of those pesky extra instruments
Been using cubase since the dawn of time
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