How to remove vst sound in HALion Sonic 7 player?


I have installed some sound in HALion Sonic 7 player. Now I find there is no remove button for removing the sound unwanted anynmore or sounds no license.

I have deleted the sound files in steinberg download assistant. But the sound lists are still in the mediabay.

How to do it in HALion Sonic 7 Standalone player?



Steinberg Library Manager
It’s a sperate app for managing HALion and Groove Agent libraries.

On Windows I tap my start icon, and type in stein:

Then I get a list of installed libraries…

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Thanks! I will check this way.

Sorry for so delay response.

Hi Brian - many thanks for this reminder. I had the same issue as Steve and had even looked at the Library Manager and just completely overlooked the ‘Remove’ option, as I had it in my head I was looking for ‘Delete’.
However, I have noticed that while the Media Bay now shows (only) the correct libraries, if you switch over to the Browser view, you can still see all the unwanted libraries and samples listed - is there a way to get rid of them from there - or maybe a refresh button somewhere that needs to be pressed?

I was checking this a view weaks ago, and figured it out in windows.
If you use the library manager, then the software does the work?
For advanced Windows users:
When you install files on your computer, like this vstsounds in Hallion en Groove Agent, it is stored in folders.

I figured out that the library removed more then i was waiting for, and after using it, some instruments where not installed anymore in the packs that never been removed.

So i installed again via Activation manager, and it was not 100% anymore.

So what i did was check those folders.
The location:
it is a in Windows hidden folder,

What i did was after download the files checking in this folders if there where vstsound files missing or to much, in that order, and used folders that i downloaded the first time en search for content and files with the extension *.vstsound

Because that files are what you see in Halion, and other instruments.
So if you check the files, that you can always download again via the Download Manager, because then this folders are used for the content.

in this picture you see what is working now, since i managed the vstsounds files in the folders myself.
Succes. :+1: