How to rename a project from within Cubase?

Some DAWs allow you to change the name of your project at any time under the “File” menu so you don’t have to close the project, find the project file in Finder, rename it along with the folders and everything cancel the previous name out of the history, then re-open the project… Cubase is overflowing with features so I’m hoping there’s a way to do it from within the DAW… Does anyone know?

in the file menu there is an item called “Back Up Project”

i use it all the time when working with a band recording several songs in a day. it allows you to copy your project to a new folder (it has to be an empty folder) and let’s you rename the file along the way.

hope this helps!

Save as

Wouldn’t ‘Save as’ only save another .cpr file, leaving everything else (file locations, directories etc.) as is? Not quite the same…

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The question was how to change the name of the project, and “save as” does that.

“Save As” creates a new file, and “back up” creates a whole new folder with everything… basically doubling everything, but I was wondering how to just rename the current project from within the project… Maybe its not possible. If so I will post it in the “feature suggestion” section. Thank you guys!

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Example… Lets say I call my project “Apples” and halfway through it I decided to call it “Grapes” instead. Is it possible to just change the name of that current project from within Cubase and continue working. Yes “Save as” and “Back up” will change the name and put me in the new project so I can continue working, but if I look in my project folder I will see both of them, the old one which is “Apples” and the new one which is “Grapes”. It wouldn’t just change “Apples” to “Grapes”. Cubase is so full of features I know it gotta be in there somewhere, if not like I said I will just post in the “feature suggestion” section.

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i am a little confused about what it is you want in the end.

but i can tell you this: as i said before, when i want to rename the entire project with the folder and everything i use the “back up project” command in the file menu.

but i often use the save as command to for a different reason. i put the current date at the end of every project file name. i work on client’s projects over weeks, months, years. when i am making significant changes to a project, i use “save as” and give it a new date. this way i can always easily get back to something if i need to by opening an earlier version (i also put a letter at the end in case i need to save as on the same day, i.e. “songxxx 2015-09-14a”)

but this doesn’t change the folder name. the only way i know to do that is “back up project”

What is wrong with closing the project, finding its folder in the finder, change the name of the project file and the folder it is in and then re-open the file after that?

it’s way easier to save project A as project B and then delete Project A.
Cubase is made to be nondestructive, it’s a good thing that we can’t easily or by accident overwrite/rename/delete an existing project.

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Save-As simply saves a new version of the current cpr file, which is just the cubase session. The project folder contains much more than that and it’s this folder that the OP needs to rename, so simply renaming this folder in Finder/Explorer should do the trick.

Not too sure about that anymore :slight_smile:

This thread complicates a simple question: Can you rename a project from inside the project- and the answer is yes, but: you still have to trash the earlier file.

(Also, There’s no technical necessity to change the name of the project folder.)

I once had a project and I wanted the folder and project to have a different name, so I thought I could just change the folder name in the file system, big mistake, caused myself a lot of grief, files couldn’t be found, major issues.

I quite often change the project folder name, and .crp file, no probs on either count. Cubase always automatically relinks the files in the pool when I open the project again. But I don’t use the file history much, I open usually by double clicking the .cpr file.


Menu —> Hub —> Recent —> Right click —> Rename

haha this must be the most confusing thread ever :slight_smile:

to awser the original question:

you are not supposed to rename the project on a top folder level, but sometimes you can.
I do this when I ‘remix’ my own song on a creative whim, but dont want to go thru the process of backing up the whole thing.

You just close your song, rename the top folder of the same song, open the same song and see what happens.

If you use a lot of plugins that rely on new sounds within your project’s song folder (like samplers) you will get errors. You have to store these sounds outside of your project folder, or those plugins dont know where these files are anymore, right?

I never have these problems because i use plugins that save with project file, sampler track etc, but i remember having all sorts of errors in the past when renaming a project file because of the reason above. You just learn as you go…

Maybe preparing an archive in the Pool might help

Also, mac is a little bit easier than windows because of the different way they handle names of files.
A file name on mac is different than a file name on Windows.

Good Luck!