How to rename an instrument?

How do I rename these instruments (red rectangle)? I’ve gone through the manual, a ton of forum posts here, and YouTube videos… totally lost. Using Dorico Elements 5.

Click the 3 dots next to Clarinet (B). Then choose Edit Names…

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Hi @TheHansen01 , if you search the manual of Dorico Elements for “rename instruments” one of the very first results brings you to this page of the manual (exactly what @Craig_F was helpfully suggesting):

May I ask why do you need renaming it/them?
(If you need them to appear in another language you can obtain it in the Engraving Options/Language screen)

I came across this menu, but when I change the instrument name and hit “OK” at the bottom, nothing changes. Same for editing the short name, and the plural names.

This is a little regression of the last update [for Elements] that was discussed, and will be resolved in future updates:

and also this post where I suggested a temporarily workaround renaming players instead of instruments, and @Lillie_Harris guided through the language renaming with a link to the Manual to do that:

The reason this issue came up is because I had a .musicxml file I exported from Musescore and imported into Dorico… but some of the instrument names show up in another language (German?). And if I add any new instruments to this score, they show up as the same language.

Ah perfect! That fixes all my issues, I’ll try to follow the forum more closely for those bug threads. Thank you so much!

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Yes: a combination of following the Forum, consulting the Manual, and asking here (in the Forum), brings the needed answers most of the time :slight_smile:

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also there is a command in the Setup menu (that appears when you are in Setup mode): Reset Instrument names that resets the names to the language set in Engraving Options/Language (when you change the language of instruments names there is also a checkbox for this in the said option). This can be useful in case you renamed something manually but you want to reset all the names with one click, or for example very useful if you need to change manually the order of, for example, Flute 1 and Flute 2 in setup (and the automatic numbering is then not the desired one): clicking on Reset Instrument names, renumbers also the instruments with your new order.:

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That’s a really slick command, thanks for sharing that!

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If you’re working on XML imports, I really suggest you to go through each and every instrument in Dorico>Setup mode>Instrument’s menu and Change Instrument… to the apparent same. You will ensure Dorico has the appropriate instrument mapped for it now, and not some kind of instrument that happens to show the same name. It’s a little bit tedious at first but has earned me a great amount of time in the end (not having bizarre problems to solve, etc?)
NB: this might be not as crucial as it was before, but until someone from the team tells me it’s now useless, I’d still recommend this.


This problem is fixed in today’s 5.1.32 update.


Confirmed, works perfect. You folks are great, thanks Daniel!