How to rename Clips automatically?


I have a montage with a couple of long audio files that i have used to select some parts as clips in the montage using Markers.

I have also added some basic CD data and renamed CD tracks according to need, but Clips still have original filenames.
So now I would like to rename Clips according to CD tracks (or Markers) using suitable Function in a similar way as “Rename CD Tracks as CD name”.

But in the Function menu for CLIP’s there is only option for batch renaming, and for “Use Filename For Selected Clips”, but no alternative for
“Rename Clips as CD Track” or from MArkers.

Is there no way to rename clips as CD track or from Markers so I don’t have to manually rename Clips in the same way as for Markers and CD tracks?


I don’t know the answer because in my experience, there is no value in renaming the clips, and I prefer to keep the clips as their native name so I can easily verify that the correct file version(s) is loaded into the montage.

Any CD-Text, metadata, and rendered files names come form the marker names basically, so renaming the clips is in my opinion redundant or not effective, and then of course you can’t easily see if version 1 or version 2 is the actual clip loaded into the session.

Is there a particular reason you need the clips renamed? I know you can render by clip but in my experience, rendering selected clips isn’t that useful because the clips don’t represent the precise track length, as usually there are some buffers around the clip edges to account for song spacing and other things.

So, rendering files using CD Tracks/Markers to define the lengths is often best, but maybe you have a particular workflow where this is needed.

Did you try this?


Thank you both for the replies.

I’ll have a look at the Batch renaming using Markers, should work.