How to rename drums?

Tried to search, couldn’t find an answer…I’m using BFD 2 with Cubase 6, all works well, but in the Drum Editor, the instrument names don’t correspond with the BFD instruments. When I manually correct them, it doesn’t save with the file, and it reverts to the incorrect names when I re-open my project. I tried to create a map in Drum Map Setup, but it doesn’t seem to make a difference, I can’t load it. Any help is much appreciated…thanks!!

You saved the drum map as “something.drm”?
Just asking :slight_smile:

Google BFD drum maps for Cubase. Gets you to places like this:

Or create your own… once you get your head round it it only takes a few mins…
I use BFD2 also and the above video uses exactly the same method…