How to rename MIDI tracks in Cubase 7?

Hi everybody,

I was looking for a way for changing the name on a MIDI track when I change name in the track.

I mean that if I set an instrument calling him “Violins I legato”, I record a MIDI track it gets the same name. But if I change my mind and I decide to set a different name “Violins I sus” the MIDI track remains with the previous name.

In that case, I remember that in Logic Pro it was enough a right click choosing “name by track” in order to update it but I do not know how to do it in Cubase.

Thanks a lot!


I think there’s no automatic way of renaming midi events like you want, but you can just select all midi events on the track and rename them all at once in the info line in the left-upper corner of the project window. (attachment 2)

Actually, you can have different names for many midi events on one track. For example one midi event is called “forte” and another is “crescendo”, so you can drag or comp them and see which one works better in a particular place of the song. Or maybe one group of the midi events is called “violins intro” another is “violins main theme” so you sort of get the lite version of Markers without a marker track.

Another good way to use different names for midi parts is for drums/percussion, when you have a full drumkit or orchestral percussion set, which goes from on VSTi. Enable Lanes on the MIDI track and name each event accordingly. That way you have many “layers” of midi events on one MIDI track, always knowing where is the “hi-hat 16th” where is the “intro break” or “kick+snare max velocity”. Makes copying and editing much easier, especially if you open your project later and do not remember what key the timpani roll was assigned to.)) (attachment 1)
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@stereolost- nice write up, practical info.

@dioman_leikari There is in fact a way to change the names of all midi parts on a track- Hold down ctrl/cmd when clicking or hitting Return after editing the name. (I think I understood correctly, when you said Track you refered to what Cubase calls midi Part- the ‘region’ you want to rename.)

I tried both the method but the track name remains the old one. Clicking ctrl/cmd right the menu does not include a rename tool. :unamused:

Sorry, I am a dummie :smiley: I am using C7 just since few days therefore some question may appear silly.
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So I suppose I did not understand.

I explained how to change the Part’s name, but it sounds like you want to change the Track’s name.

Is this correct? (I don’t know of a function that changes the track name when you drop a part onto it)

I would like to mean the Part name actually, sorry, I had to use the proper name. So I would like to update the name from the Track to the Part.


Just double click track name .

Then edit name.

Then press ALT & ENTER together.

I think that’s what you mean by changing track name to all parts…?