How to repeat specific parts of entire song?

Hello friends:

I have a song, it is a dance track and I want to repeat a certain part as if I was hitting a pad hen continue playing.
For example, Daft Punk - Harder Better Faster comes to mind.

One way I could accomplish this is simply maxing down the entire track and converting to a sample track, then just trigger parts to repeat from a pad via MIDI.

How do people accomplish this?


Well you could mix it down and then trigger certain parts as you suggest, but then you lose control over individual elements.

I’m not sure if an arranger track is flexible enough for your needs, but you might want to look into it:

As I like to have flexibility with song elements (and to be able to change my mind later), I would do it the old school way and just copy/paste the sections I wanted to repeat (using the range tool if you like).

You can always make the copies “shared”: