How to replace "default" MIDI Remote page with a new script?

How do I set a new MIDI Remote script I’ve created to the “default” page such that it loads on startup?

To be clear, I want to replace the current default page with a new script I wrote and then rename the current default page to something other than “default”.

In lieu of an answer to my first question, does anyone know where the “Mappings” (highlighted in yellow) are stored (and if the file is editable)?

Okay, I’m making progress … I found an illustration of the Mappings code (see below), but am not sure where it is stored.

Another question is, why does the MIDI Remote API (refer to image in previous post) describe how to code

    doesn’t MIDI Remote do that for you?

More progress…

After clicking the Reload Scripts button in the MIDI Remote Manager a new file immediately appeared ( “___midiremote.json” ) with all the mapping page data!

So now the question is whether and how this file interacts with the main .json file.

It’s ironic that the new MIDI Remote feature is actually more difficult when it comes to getting what you want. In earlier versions of Cubase I was able to create a Generic Remote script fairly easily because all the ‘code’ was in the same file. MIDI Remote, by contrast, is a mystery.

MIDI Remote would be considerably more useful if we could access and edit the data stored in each Mapping page.

Does anyone know how to do this?