How to replace Halion Sonic SE with Halion 7 on mac?

I want to remove Halion SE as I beleive it is discontinued and has been replaced with Halion Sonic 7. I found these files in my Mac library but not sure if I should just delete them or if there is some guide somewhere that will walk me through the process to do it properly.

thank you

Same question here; Cubase has suddenly started crashing on startup and I think it may be related to Halion Sonic SE files.


Steinberg really should be more helpful in this regard. I have been looking online and still not sure how to completely replace one with the other. It may be that during the installation one is replaced with the other but it would be very helpful if someone could help out

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I think I may have solved this on my system - needs more testing but Cubase has opened for me without problem for the first time in days.

I went to Library/Application Support/Steinberg. There I deleted Halion Sonic SE. In the same directory I went into /Components. There, I deleted Halion Sonic SE vst.

Hope it works for you.