How to report issues ?

I would have preferred posting this into the collected issues area. As it is now locked, I’ve posted here.

When using a test project I had Cubase 7 and then 6.5 both freeze up on my MacMini 2011 server. I was using the built in audio when the lockup first happened but I use a RME FF800 most of the time.

When I got 6.5 to open I was barely able to get into device setup. When I did, I found that somehow my device latency settings for the built in audio were changed to the lowest possible setting. The same was true when I changed to the FF800. I was doing a mix project with a very high track count and had the latency set to 256 originally, and all was working fine at that buffer.

It seems that some bug had changed these settings for both the built in and the FF800. Once my preferred buffer setting were restored, everything seems to be fine with launching and working in both 7 and 6.5.

If you encounter a similar issue, this is the first thing I would look at.

Happy Holidays everyone,

Bill Plummer
MacMini Server 2011, OSX 10.8.2, 16gig RAM, 2 x 500 gig 7200 rpm Hard Drives, Fireface 800

Click “collected issues”, click “Issue reports”, click “new topic”

Post here:

The lock on the “Collected Issues” subforum makes it looks like all is locked there. It’s a bit confusing but I see where to post these issues now.

I tried to confirm a bug in one of the topics, but everything is locked??? Yes you can open a new issue, but thats a bit pointless isnt it?

If the issue is in the “collected issues” subforum that means a moderator has acknowledged it and there is no need for it to be further confirmed by us users.

The “Issue Reports” subforum is for us to post to.

Oke thank you…