How to request new Download Access Code for UR44C


I bought recently a UR44C. It comes with Steinberg plus and a download access code. I had problem with my laptop so I had to reinstall windows.

Now, after reinstalling windows, I can’t activate the products that comes with the UR44C because it says the download access code has already been used ?

What should I do in this case? How can I use the UR44C in this situation

Please go through the Reactivation process detailed here:

Also run the Steinberg Activation Manager and sign-in to your MySteinberg account.

I did that. When trying to reactivate I don’t see any Cubase license for instance. I have just reinstalled windows so after using the download manager to install all the softwares, the e-licenser controler doesn’t have any license stored. When I tried to type in the download access code I got with my UR44C, it says that it was already used

Do the pages below display any licenses when you sign-in to your MySteinberg account? Please make sure that you’re signed in to the correct account.

eLicenser-based products (licenses that need to be reactivated)
Steinberg Licensing-based products (only requires you to sign-in to the Steinberg Activation Manager)

I really appreciate that you are taking the time helping me out.

I am 100% sure I am logged to the good MySteinberg account (The one I created the first time before reinstalling windows).

The only license that I see in that first link is the “Basic FX Suite Rev.2”. I got it appear there after following the advice in the helpcenter 360018143160-Error-message-Activation-Code-for-Basic-FX-Suite-license-has-been-used-already (Sorry I can’t paste links in the thread it seems).

In the assistant download manager, whenever I type in the old download access code I got with my UR44C, I get old activation codes for all these softwares:

  • Groove Agent SE 5 (Soft)
  • HALion Sonic SE 3 (Soft)
  • Anima Wavetable (Soft)
  • Retrologue 2 (Soft)
  • VST Sound Loop Set Indie Rock (Soft)
  • VST Sound Loop Set Ambient Lounge (Soft)
  • VST Sound Loop Set Progressive House (Soft)

but activations always fails for all these producst because every activation code has been used in the first installation

As for Cubase LE AI Elements 12, whenever I launch it it says that it is missing:

  • Retrologue 1 Factory Content
  • Retrologue 2 Factory Content
    and that maybe the license wasn’t installed.

In MySteinberg, under /products/licensings, I see a Cubase AI and Cubase Elements Elements 12 with 3 month trial (I think I downloaded a trial version when initially trying to solve the problem by myself) but I still get the missing Retrologue Facory Content prompt when trying to launch Cubase on my machine

also have the same problem on my ur816c. Thought I’d try cubase AI with its direct monitoring to lose some latency but apparently my code is already used and cannot download.

Seems stupid when it’s literally the soundcard plugged in to the system could act as a dongle.

by the way after much fiddling I managed to do it but via the website. Sorry can’t remember how! It’s on the website you do it though. (steinberg site)