How to resample a track at the end smoothly?

I use Cubase LE AI Elements and I need to resample a track at the end. I.e. it has a normal sampling at the start and lower at the end. But the resampler processing works through whole track.
How can I make it? Maybe, has it a some another way?
P.S. Imma noobie in the Cubase yet.

What exactly do you want to achieve? I doubt very much resampling has anything to do with it.

I need to get an effect like when a record player destroys a tape (sorry, I don’t know how it will be in English). I. e. a sound becomes lower by tone and speed.

Select audio to be effected, select Audio/Process/Pitch Shift/Envelope tab - turn off time correction and draw in the curve you want.

Sorry, I haven’t this option in menu

Oh…right…your version does not have this option. I was thinking pitch shift was in all versions but it isn’t.

So instead you can try to search google for a tapestop or record stop vst plugin…just remember it must be 64bit unless you use Jbridge already.

Thank you! I will search for it.

Wow you play tapes on a record player? For his next trick he’ll weld two hamsters together using a noodle… :open_mouth:

I glad for your good English and a wit.

iZotope has a free 64 bit VST that is pretty good (named Vinyl). It has a “spin down” and also includes some record scratch, electrical notice, dust noise, etc. Works good in CB9.

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Thank you vey much! I couldn’t find a free 64-bit VST plugin, there is 32-bit or paid only.

Cool… :wink:

I have also used this plugin to create a “Spin up” effect to use at the beginning of a project…

1 - Find the sound(s) that you want to “Spin up”.
2 - Edit the length as necessary and Render (or use mixdown) the track(s) to audio.
3 - Reverse the audio using the Cubase Audio>Process>Reverse function.
4 - Use the Vinyl “Spin Down” effect on the reversed audio from step 3
5 - Render (or mixdown) that track.
6 - Reverse that audio using the Cubase Audio>Process>Reverse function and… voila!

You got yourself a homemade “Spin Up” effect. Nice… and enjoy the fun!

Regards :sunglasses: