How to rescan vsti?

I don’t see a lot of vsti in Dorico?! how do I rescan or add vsti ? for example I don’t see trillian,etc…
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Only VST 3 compatible plug-ins will show in Dorico by default; the only VST 2.x plug-in that will show by default is Kontakt.

If you want to use other VST 2.x plug-ins in Dorico, see here.

Thanks for the answer but I tried to edit thevst2whitelist.txt but doesn’t work!
so where is the default folder Dorico scan for vst3 and vst2?( windows7)
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Try simply moving the vst2whitelist.txt file out of the way, rather than editing it.

No it doesn’t work . i moved the file.
and the vst2whitelist.txt is not even recreated

no, you do not need to remove the file vst2whitelist.txt…you have to add in this file the name of the VST2 plugins you want to use in Dorico. For example if you want to use “Model-E.dll”, add this to the vst2whitelist.txt:

Kontakt 5

and restart Dorico…

I tried exactly with the Model-E but it doesn’t work
Where did you found the number below the name of the plugin?
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the number is not used for now…
which plugin do you want to enable ?
be sure that you have 64bits version of it (Dorico supports only 64bits plugins VST2 and VST3)
check in the folder C:\Program Files\Vstplugins for the plugin you want, get it name and add it to the list with the 000 number…

Thanks for your answer but not clear for me:
C:\Program Files\Vstplugins
dooes exist in my computer it is either
C:\Programmes \Vstplugins
C:\Program Files (x86)\Vstplugins
And your speak about 64 bit but C:\Program Files (x86)\Vstplugins is in 32bit
I tried with Ivory.dll and it doesn’t work neither and what about jBridge
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can you send back the log file created in C:\Users\YGrabit\AppData\Local\Temp\VSTAudioEngine
(just be sure to use your username not YGrabit :slight_smile:) ? This will inform us about which plugins are currently refused to be loaded.

We did not test with jBridge…no idea if it works, you can try, you have to add jBridge to the white list…