How to reset all Variaudio info for entire project?

I’d like to bounce an entire project but as raw tracks–no effects. Is there a way of resetting all the variaudio editing I’ve done without clicking on each audio part, selecting all blobs and choosing “reset pitch and warp” changes?

Unfortunately we don’t have yet…

Me and some folks here ask about it…

Thank you.

Depending on just how much editing you have done, it may be possible to go back through the undo history to get to where you want.

I realise this is probably of no help to you now, but it’s always a good idea to save new project versions at intervals. All editing (including VariAudio) is non-destructive, meaning the original files should still be there untouched, unless you’ve specifically overwritten them. Additional project versions are just the .cpr files which are quite small, so there’s no reason not to save many of them as you go along.