How to reset automation on a track?

OK, struggling to learn Cubase and faced with another Haynes moment in the manuals - how do I reset or edit the automation on a track?

The help file says ‘To remove an automation track together with all automation events, click the parameter name and from the pop-up menu, select Remove Parameter’.

Which I am sure is great except where is the parameter name, and where is the pop up menu?

As usual, all help gratefully received.

Right click on a track and select Show All Used Automation.
Now you will be able to see the automation lanes with their parameter names etc. Just click on the name and select ‘Remove Parameter’

Thank you so much. I don’t seem to have a ‘remove parameter’ item when I click the names, but I do have ‘remove selected tracks’ which I have used to get rid of the automation. I was thinking I would have to record that track again.

Just out of interest I moved up the help one level from where you linked to - and find a completely unhelpful statement “Most of the tracks in your project have automation tracks, one for each automated parameter. To show automation tracks, you must open them.” It doesn’t say how to open them - this I find is typical of the help files/manuals - if you don’t already know 99% of the answer you’ll never find it. Thankfully the members of the forums are far more informative than the help files. :slight_smile:

I just click on the automation lane and select all events on track and delete…then it resets to no automation