how to reset locators from within selected regions?

Once you’ve selected a region with the locators, the locator selection tool (the pencil) becomes a hand tool which you can only use to move the locators left or right, it cannot change the size of selected region. Is there a way to instead use the locator selection tool? Some button I can press to activate locator selection rather than the hand tool? I know I can go outside of the bounds of the selected region and adjust the locators from there or reselect a region entirely once outside the bounds of the currently selected region, but in very long projects, that’s cumbersome. I remember in Cubase SX, the pencil tool was always available so I know it used to be possible–I just don’t know how to do it in Cubase 7. Any help? Thanks.

To be more to the point: how can I reset the locator bars inside the region I’ve already selected without resizing the locator bars from their edges?

Thanks for any help.

AFAIK you can’t. As you say, once you’re pointing within the L/R region then you can only move it.

What I do is relocate the play cursor (either by clicking in space on the project window, or on the top ruler) and press Ctrl-KPad-1 or Ctrl-KPad-2 to set the L or R respectively to the new play cursor location.


Perfect! That’s just the sort of trick I was looking for. Thank you.

Or the other alternative doesn’t require moving the cursor. If you hold down the ctrl key and click on a location with the arrow tool it will move the left locator there. Alt-click moves the right locator. This works both inside and outside the current range.

Well, that’s even better - you can drag the left and right cursors inside using those two key modifiers!! I will make a real effort to remember this hot tip, thanks raino :sunglasses:


This is exactly what I had hoped was possible. Thank you! :slight_smile:

I found it easy to remember, being right handed with the mouse, the modifiers on the left side of the keyboard match - ctrl is on the left and alt on the right.