How to reset or change name in VST Connect SE

I recently had to switch my user e-mail login for Steinberg: I used Operamail/Fastmail and the domain is being discontinued. I set up my Steinberg account with my gmail account and I am able to login successfully to VST Connect SE, but the name displayed is my operamail name minus the @. In the login window I have my ID set to my actual name, but it still displays my operamail as my identity. Can anyone shed any light on how to fix this, please?


Edit: Also just noticed this same issue in VST Transit so I have a hunch this is on the server side of things. Still would like to fix it, though.


The VST Transit user name is separate from your My Steinberg account, and email address. You provided this name when you signed in to VST Transit for the first time; this name is your VST Transit identifier and cannot be changed.

Thanks for clearing that up, though not the answer I was hoping for.