How to reset tempo and key of loops?

It is possible to change the tempo and key of a loop in the Pool window by simply clicking on the value and changing it. Once you do that the loop no longer matches the tempo and key of the song - even though it is still in “musical mode”.

How exactly are these variables used and once you mess them up how do you reset them to what the actual loop file IS?

No, this is not possible.

OK, so I guess the advise is - don’t change the tempo/key settings of samples in the pool window!

Now, is there a reason/situation when you WOULD change these settings?

Changing the information about tempo in the Pool means, what Cubase detected (or “think”), the tempo of the loop is. So, if you know the tempo of the loop to 100% (for example, if there is information about this in the name of the loop), you can change it. Then, the Cubase will works well in Musical mode of the loop.

When the are wrong.

So, when you import loops from the “Loop Browser” Cubase detects the loop tempo and key? I thought these values were hard coded in the loop file properties - like Sony Acid loops?

Excuse my confusion but I’m familiar with loops in Acid projects. Working with loops in CB is somewhat different.