How to restart numbering pages after the front matter

Hello, I am sorry it seems I cannot understand how to tell Dorico to restart numbering from 1 from the actual music flow (even though the first actual number shown is page 2 of the music score).
The situation is that I made a cover (thanks for the beautiful tutorial from A. Hughes!) and I would like to use, if needed, roman numerals for the front matter and restart numbering from 1 for the actual score.
Thank you in advance.

In Engrave mode, right-click on the Page icon for your page on the right-hand panel. One of the options will be to change the page numbering. There are settings in the dialog for Roman and ‘Arabic’ numerals.

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Thank you, actually I went there but got confused, it seems that the panel (Displayed: i) won’t update until you reopen it.

The “Displayed” option tells you what’s already there, I think - so yes, it won’t change until you … change it.

I think in InDesign (big page layout software) there is something similar but the “numbers” get updated, so you have a feedback which is always good.
I think there is a half-bug here. If you change the value of “First page number”, for example:
From page: 1 / First page number: 2
You still get “Displayed: i” (or whatever the value previous to the change).
Anyway now I know how it works.

Until you click OK, the page number hasn’t actually changed, as you can see in the right panel of Engrave mode, exactly as the manual states.

What’s the “half-bug”?

I am sorry I didn’t find that part in the manual before, thank you for pointing it to me.
Probably I get confused because when I click OK the panel closes itself so I do not have the feedback I was expecting (I thought to see a change just by moving to another field of the same panel).
When I reopen it anyway I do see that the change took place.