How to restore rest after remove rest

Is there a way to restore the rest that are delete by the ‘remove rest’ command?
I’m working on a score with a solo instrument accompanied by piano. After I enter voice 2 in some bars of my piano staff, somehow my solo part becomes 2 voices with one voice changing to whole rest in every bar. I then use “remove rest” to remove the extra rest, then I discovered that those empty bars in the solo part have no more rest, totally empty. How to put the whole rest bark in these bars?


What the “Remove rest” function effectively does is flick the sliders for “end voice” and “start voice”. Find the last visible note or rest before the hidden ones, and turn off the “ends voice” option.

You can also manually insert a bar rest by going to the Bars and Barlines menu, on your right in Write mode.

Thanks! Both methods work well!