How to revive Halion Symphonic Orchestra?

I have the original full version of Halion Symphonic Orchestra.

I still have the USB license dongle with an active valid license (Halion Symphonic Orchestra 1.x and HALion
Player OEM 3.x). I also still have the DVD images.

I would like to use HSO. It seems that it is possible to load HSO in an updated 64 bit VST? What should I be using? It seems that Macs did not benefit from the 64 bit port

Thank you very much


OK, I have installed Halion Sonic 3 SE.

Now, how do I load my copy of Halion Symphonic Orchestra into Halion Sonic 3 SE?

I have tried using the installer from the original data set but it refuses to work on modern Mac.

How do I point Sonic to the .hsb files?

I have installed the Halion SO VST version, which works OK, but I would really rather have the full 24 bit as well as the original instrument setups. I don’t want to manually recreate every instrument. Anybody?

Try the latest HALion Symphonic Orchestra download in the “VST Instruments & Plugins” section of Steinberg Download Manager. I believe that version should work OK with your licence.