How to REWIRE CUBASE 6 Artist

I really cant rewire my cubase 6.5 artist with my Reason 5 :frowning: . @frustrating pls help

What version of Artist are you running?

32 bit or 64 bit?

What version of Cubase Artist exactly do you have? 6 or 6.5?

im on PC windows 7 64bit with Cubase ARtist 6.5 guys :frowning:

Windws 7 64 bit with Artist 64 bit?

Thereโ€™s your problem.

Reason 5 is only a 32 bit application.
When using ReWire, the master and slave applications have to match.

You can install 32 bit Cubase Artist alongside your 64 bit Cubase installation.
That would allow you to ReWire (using Artist 32 bit), record whatever you need, and then import the recorded audio into Artist 64 bit.

However, Reason 5 will never ReWire with Cubase Artist 64 bit.

Thank you, i installed a 32bit version. all is well now :slight_smile: