How to roll back to 11.0.40?

I need to go back I’ve got some weird latency issues I never had before. Using a Focusrite Clarett 4 pre on Windows 10. Before 11.0.41 I was recording V-Drums via the Clarett midi in triggering superior drummer 3. I was on 128 samples with no latency, now even down at 32 samples I can notice the delay. Only solution is to use delay compensation while recording in a fresh project. This isn’t normal. How do I roll back?


I’m quite sure, it’s not caused by the .41 update. But…

If you are on Windows, you can find and uninstall just the update, as far as I have heard.

On Mac the whole application is always overwritten. Therefore you would need to delete it and install from the .40 installer again.

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As Martin suggests for Windows you can just uninstall the update using Windows built in Add or remove programs tool. Search for “Apps and Features” then in the search box that this section has input “Cubase”. When the result comes up click on the Cubase line and you should see an “Uninstall” button".
NB: I haven’t used it on version 11 but have used it on earlier versions (10.5.x was the last) successfully and I have no reason to suspect it no longer works. (the feature is certainly still there).

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