How To Roll Back To 11.0 (Emergency, Sampler Track Backup Issues)

Hi guys,

im going to call Steinberg on Monday, but until that time, does anybody know how to roll back to 11.0?

Im on Mac/Catalina

Im in the middle of deadlines here and Sampler Track does not get backed up.
Ive chopped up vocals and used a lot of drums in Sampler Track, but when opening the project after backup, all i hear is clicks and the sampler tracks are empty.
I also prepped the archive before backup, im not shure what is happening but its not working.

Before i spend a lot of time bouncing and transfering the chops to other plugins (Vice) its better to roll back and see if that works.

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Ouch. Maybe you still have the installer in the download directory of the Download Manager? If not, I currently see no rollback option…

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Lesson from observation: Do not upgrade in the middle of projects and/or deadlines.




I’m sad and annoyed to read this. I’ve been campaigning for years for steinberg to fix the issues with sampler track file locations, which they told me they have now fixed. This report is very worrying indeed.

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And it shows that the Download Manager needs more work, too. A rollback option would be suitable to the “Pro” tag they like to attach to Cubase. After all, what if they screw up an update? What about people who depend on their tools to get their job done in time?

IF I were a professional:
#1. I wouldn’t update in the middle of time-sensitive projects.
#2. Being a professional, I wouldn’t update until I was SURE the update was ready. No equivocation here.
#3. I’d understand the abilities and/or limitations of the ‘Professional’ software that I was using as it relates to said upgrades or updates. So, in light of 1 and 2, if I decided to update anyhow, I’d keep a copy of the previous versions installer as a rollback insurance plan (I already do this for a number of reasons.)

Afterall, is it the software that makes one professional or vice-versa? It’s just a tool. It’s a bad carpenter that blames his tools. I’ve always thought it was the job of the pro/expert to manage these things. I wouldn’t leave it up to Steinberg to manage it for me.

But what do I know?


Point taken, and I agree. However, I think that truth lies on both ends. There is a difference in the quality and professionality of tools and services, and if something is marketing itself as a professional tool or service, there are some core principles to be expected.

Truly professional tools should have the highest standards in reliability and functionality. They should save users time, as time is money in the professional realm.
And if something goes wrong for any reason, they should have some kind of failsafe strategy.

While I truly love Cubase for the feature set and comfortable and ergonomic UI, I have some doubts about its quality and professional nature after a few major versions and years spent with it. And this is a shame, because the marketing and the army of paid youtubers Steinberg throw at the user base tells us how much of a professional quality tool it is. And I would very much like it to be just that, so I can trust it not to screw up my creative work. Currently, I have so little trust in this software, I refrain from using it entirely.

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Thanks man!!! I forgot about these downloads…normally i backup older CB downloads, but i didnt do it this time.

they should show these in in the Download Assistant, or at least make a roll-back function

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you are right, i should have made a quick Super Duper (im on mac) which works really well.

Normally im very good at backing up, its been too crazy busy last 3 months.
Plus i have 2-3 deadlines every week for the last 10 years.
If i listen to your advice i’d still be at Cubase 5.1 hihihi

So, did you still have the 11.0 download at hand? :slight_smile:

I have copies going back to Cubase 6 of every .x update.
Since the Download Assistant everything is a little different, i have to get used to it i guess.
My studio blasts out so many productions, that I dont always have time to everything the way I should. Think 2-3 deadlines per week minimum, for the last 10 years. On top of that, in November and December a company offered me a big project, so i couldnt say no because of the Covid thing. Oh, and i also had a new baby end of November, and we just moved to a new house…aaaargh

In this case, i should have made a Super Duper and copy the original installer, but i didnt.
Im glad that I came here and got some good advice, because i totally forgot about the downloads in the Steinberg folder.

it works again, and i learned my lesson, again :slight_smile:

yessssss, thanks again m8

it works again, this update totally broke the Sampler Track references

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Relieved to hear that and glad I could actually help!
Congratulations for the new baby and studio success.

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