How to roll back to 8.2.1?

Silly question here:

There seems to be an issue for me in N8.3 so I’m trying to roll back to N8.2.1 by simply re-running Nuendo_8.2.10_Update_win,exe to see if the problem exists in the earlier version. It seems to install but I can not find where it is - the Nuendo8 folder still just contains the N8.3 version.

I’m probably stupidly doing something wrong.

Can somebody point me in the right direction please?

Sorry I cannot help with windows specific problems, but out of curiosity - what’s your showstopper?

It’s to do with using SmartAV Tango control surfaces with N8.3. Automatic Insert knob assignment on the Tango always worked perfectly with all Nuendo versions up to and including N7.1.40, but I’ve just noticed that it has gone completely wild in N8.3. Nothing has changed in the Tango software but Nuendo no longer appears to be sending or receiving the correct data any more.

I’ll post separately once it’s confirmed.

Right now I’m back on N7.1.40 - possibly forever.