How to route another MIDI CC to Aftertouch?

The Kontakt instrument, the Sonokinetic Hurdy-Gurdy assumes that everybody’s controller is equipped with aftertouch. However, as we know here that is not necessarily the case.

Now, I wonder, what do I have to do in Cubase so that I can trigger this feature with a different CC?
Perhaps if I put it on the sustain pedal? Or a button on the controller? Or perhaps an out-of-range key?

I’d be grateful if someone could walk me through a possible solution!

The following works for me in Cubase 11 Pro:

  • Enable Input Transformer for the desired track
  • Enable Module 1
  • Add in the Filter Target section
    • Type Equal Controller … And
    • Value 1 Equal (1 for Modwheel, or any other desired CC number)
  • Add in the Action Target section
    • Type Set To Fixed Value Aftertouch
    • Value 1 Use Value 2
  • At the bottom choose Function Transform

To reuse this Input Transformer configuration in the future, save as a Preset (I called mine "ModWheel to Aftertouch, since I used CC 1).