How to route audio back to mixer?

I’m using the Presonus StudioLive 16.0.2 with Cubase Elements 6. Im wondering how to set up the VST Connections in order to route the recorded audio back to my studiolive so I can add compression, EQ, etc after the fact. Any advice helps!

As explained in the Cubase manual. VST Connections create Cubase output busses, which should at the same time be inputs on the Presonus.

I actually just figured it out. Thanks anyway! Stuck with another question/problem. How do I get the freshly EQ and compressed track BACK to the DAW where it’ll stay how I tweaked it?

Probably the same way you get any other signal from your mixer to Cubase. I´d recommend Reading the mixer´s manual. I won´t do it for you…